Fibre connectivity is a substantial leap from copper technology (ADSL)

Benefits of Fibre

Better Upload Seeds

Copper is very limited in it’s upload speeds. Fibre connectivity can achieve true synchronous bandwith with the upload speeds matching the download speeds.

Structurally sound

Fibre as a medium is more structurally reliable than copper. Fibre can carry signals over much greater distances than copper, is more resitant to natural elments such as heat and water, is immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference; and has a lower chance of being stolen. 

Less contention

The contention ratio refers to the number of users sharing the same line. While copper (ADSL) services can have a contention ratio of up to 45:1. Broadband fibre has a much lower contention ratio. Sometimes as low as 2:1. This grealty reduces the chances of line congestion. 

Fibre as an enabler

The true power of fibre is it’s function as an enabler. Additional bandwidth opens up a world of options such as moving services to the cloud, using VOIP and video conferencing. 

Become a champion for your complex and get rewarded

In order to make a fibre rollout economically feasible within an estate, we need commitment from a predeterminded number of residents. It makes our lives easier when we have someone within the estate to champion the benefits of fibre rollouts. Become a champion and get free uncapped internet!  You can nominate yourself as a champion when requesting for fibre. Contact us for more information and the terms and conditions. 

What makes Alifer different

There are many fibre providers currently availabe. We would like to think there a few things that make us special:

1. A focused dedication to a great and reliable internet connection. 
2. A great belief in customer support. We make sure we are contactable, helpful and personable. 
3. We take ownership of every customer experience from registration, through activation and support.

Peace of mind

We believe that internet connectivity should be a basic good such as water and electricity. You should set it up once and have it work whenever you need it. We judge our success by how little you contact us! In this business, no news is good news! So we focus our energy on getting things done right from the beginning!

Ready for fibre?

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